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Neil Hatherly neil@schamanische-lebenshilfe.de Gilching b. München
I am Neil Hatherly. I was born in England in England in 1977 and moved to my current home, Bavaria, very early. I live in Gilching where I work as a software engineer and shamanic practitioner. I started my schooling in 2007 at the Shamanic School Ute Fechter. I gained my knowledge and practice in many further seminars, workshops and activities with shamans from around the world - for instance with Ute Fechter, Carlos Sauer from Brasil, Vernon Foster of the Klamoth/Modoc tribe and medicine man in the Lakota und Ojibwe traditions, Solyomfi Nagy Zoltan of Hungary, Ahamkara from the Altai, Dennis Banks (Nowa Cumig) of the Ojibwe, a founding member of the American Indian Movement (AIM)... From them I was priviledged to learn what shamanism means and how it can be used to the better of all feeling beings in today's world. On spiritual journeys to Brasil and to the Native Americans of the USA I was allowed to immerse myself in their spirituality. I continuously strive to deepen my knowledge. I give workshops and work with clients to help them with their questions and problems. I help them to rediscover and reactivate the good medicine within themselves. In addition to that, I fill my time by reading, I enjoy nature and try to enjoy every moment of life.
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